The Company MCMmedsys AG was founded in 1986 under its original name Micromin AG. Its main activity was in the field of developing technical software as well as consulting and sales of hard- and software. 1990 the area of medical technology was added, i.e. dealing with medical technology products and corresponding services. Exclusive representation of different companies was assumed for Switzerland in the main areas of cardiac surgery (CV), dialysis/nephrology (RC) and blood separation (BCT). The field of medical technology developed into the main activity for the company and is being enlarged continuously. New products in the areas of anaesthesia, cardiology, neurosurgery and orthopaedics were added. To emphasize the transition to medical technology the company was renamed from Micromin AG to MCMmedsys AG (= MiCroMin medical systems) in 2001. The company’s purpose is defined as follows: “Dealing with, production of and training in the field of medical systems as well as to perform the corresponding services”. The company’s headquarters are in Solothurn.

The main objective is to deliver high quality products to our customers and to accompany them with a top service.


Corporate form

The company MCMmedsys AG is a stock corporation with a share capital of CHF 320'000.--, which is divided among six shareholders.



Today the company MCMmedsys AG has eleven employees, some of them part time. Managing Director is Mr. Christoph Jäger, President of the board of directors is Mr. Louis Weidmann.